Each year 

 we graft 

 75.000 trees 

The best whip for

a good avenue tree

Since 1986, the Dutch West Brabant company has been growing a wide range of good quality whips. These whips can be made ready for shipping very quickly.


In addition to the starting material for the avenue tree grower, traders and gardeners are also supplied. Thanks to the container field, they can be operated all year round.

On Saturday, private individuals are also welcome to come and take a look at our varied range of hedges, ornamental and shaped trees. Are you a private person? Click on the button below for our extensive range!

We guarantee quality

The brothers Jurgen and Thomas Bartelen continue the work that their father, Peter Bartelen, started with in collaboration with their mother. With the same passion and attitude, they and their staff ensure good quality whips and avenue trees. They are the face behind the nursery!

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          +31 (0) 620 351 993


          Dennestraat 15

          4709 PR Nispen,

          The Netherlands

Dennestraat 15
4709 PR Nispen

The Netherlands

Phone:      +31 (0) 620 351 993

E-mail:     info@boomkwekerijbartelen.nl

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